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Limit to max. 4 per person(2 POP and 2 top pin)


Since it is a p4p pin, you MUST read and understand rules for p4p pins before buying. The most important rule is that you cannot sell/ trade the pin with price inflation. Here is my full p4p rules:


**Must add Instagram info on the shopping cart "notes" or shipping "Instagram account" column.




- 2 layers POP/ top pin
- POP 9/ topper 7cm (~3.5 - 2.8 inches)
- Screenprint
- Gold/ rose gold(+ black on the stone)
- Glitter/ sandblast/ pearl
- POP LE 50(30 gold 20 rg)
- Topper LE 15(10 gold 5 rg)

*UV print or pearl swirl for the sun.


**No combine orders/ shipping for different PO items from different series(unless they are all in hand)!


I understand that there will be a higher shipping rate for separate parcels, but this is to prevent mistakes. I don't want to mistakenly sell your long-awaited pin as in hand extras during the wait for combine shipping.

Sea of Red (P4P)