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P4P pins


1. P4P means “pay for production”. There is no profits involved in the selling process, prices are only charged by what they actually cost.


2. “Costs” includes : 

- Commission fee (with a free pin) for designer

- A free pin for myself (as the only labour cost)

- Manufacturing fee (mold, sample, mass production etc.)

- Shipping from manu to my place

- Shipping fee to your place

- Packaging (background card or box etc.)

- Paypal/ Stripe service charge


3. Not all of my pins are P4P, I will only be making P4P pins from certain fandoms. Since it is non-profit, all buyers who participate in my P4P projects are responsible to read and follow the rules below.


P4P rules


1. You are only allowed to sell/ trade my P4P pins 90 days after delivery. No PO trade offer/ instant reselling/ trading allowed.


2. Reselling: You are only allowed to resell the pin at its original price + shipping. No price inflations/ profit making for my P4P pins is allowed. For example, if you purchased my P4P pin for $50, you are only allowed to resell it at $50 + actual shipping fee. Your buyer should be well notified about its original price.

3. Reselling: Do not sell my P4P pins on any third party and public reselling platforms (i.e. Mercari, Etsy, Ebay, etc.) and tag my shop. Please only sell or trade them on (1) your own account or (2) private group with less than 300 members.

4. Please do not sell my P4P pins as bundle with other pins or goods (especially product that is made by the other creators).


5. Trading: Trading is okay, however, you should trade my P4P pins for other P4P pins/ pins with equal price. If you would like to trade for a regular profit pin which has a higher price, you have to trade my pin + pay for the price difference.

6. Gift: I do not have many rules about gifting P4P pins. Just make sure your friend is well notified about P4P policies, or simply ask them not to resell the pin to prevent any troubles.


7. Grading: I do not do quality control/ grading for P4P pins since I am not making any profits. All P4P pins will be sent randomly to buyers.


8. Replacement/ Refund: I am not responsible for product lost/ stolen/ damaged/ flaws as I cannot afford extra costs for non-profit projects. Therefore, there will be no refund, return or exchange for my P4P pins. Please note that before buying. 


9. All P4P pins are LE and will not be restocked when sold.


10. Please do not buy my P4P pins for the purpose of selling or trading. Please save the spot to those who truly want the pin for their collections.


To participate 


1. All P4P projects will be private group orders. Please follow my social media (Instagram: murmurpins) for updates. I will update all necessary info on my story before starting a new P4P project.


2. All buyers have to read and agree to all the P4P terms and conditions above before buying. Anyone breaking the rules will be blacklisted from all my current and future projects (both profit and non-profit).

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