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1. I am Murmur, a pin maker based in Hong Kong.  I can speack Cantonese, Madrain, English, Japanese and some Korean. English is not my first language tho, so I'm sorry if I do not not express myself clear enough. Feel free to ask for further explanation if needed!

2. My bias is Ghibli, SM, magical girls and other 90's anime pins, because these are anime I love and more familiar with. Lemme know if you have some other recommendations!

3. This is my original pin page, and most of them are PO items. If you are more into buying/ trading in hand pins from my personal collection, please follow and contact murmurcrafts.

4. Pin making and collecting is my hobby, also my childhood memories . There are lots of pins I want in my collection that haven't been made, so I decided to give pin making a shot. Time to spread some love in the community!

5. Please communicate with respect. Arguing with/ banning/ blocking someone is the least thing I want to do.

Truly thankful and appreciate all your support!

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