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1. Most of our pins are LE. LE means limited quantity, and will not be restocked once sold(unless with a new variant). 


2. All pins are handmade, and no pin is 100% perfect, especially with more effects applied on/ the bigger a pin is, the less chance it is flawless. Please note that before buying. 


3. All pins will be checked individually during the grading process. However, please note that different pinmakers have their own standard for grading. Grades can vary on many situations (i.e. manu, design, size, effects etc.), therefore, by purchasing our pins, buyers should accept and respect our grading standard.

Grades for Mur Mur Pins:


- A:Pins with unnoticeable flaws, which cannot be easily found in a photo/ in the first glance. 

- BPins with more noticeable flaws, maybe light scratches, dots, imperfect printings or missing enamels etc.

- C / DPins with more obvious flaws and defects. 


* Grading only includes front part of a pin, because this is the part to be displayed. (No back, side etc.)


Pre orders


1. Sales are final on pre orders. Funds will be directly going to pin production so orders cannot be cancelled once it is placed.


2. It takes at least 6 months for pin production, sometimes even more. Duration depends on design complexity, quantity, times for changes and many other factors. If you don't want to wait for PO, please join in hand drop instead. 

3. If you are not confident in buying our pins, please do not pre order. Each pin takes months to design and adjust before revealing to the public. And to show respect to our commission artists, we do not change our design, combination of colours or pin effects unless there is a mistake. If you have opinion about our design/ not sure how the pin will look like, please join in hand drop instead of pre-sale.


4. If you file a refund just because you have changed your mind/ do not want to wait anymore, you will be banned from all the current and future sales from both murmurpins and murmurcrafts.




1. Worldwide shipping okay! All parcels will be sent via Hong Kong Post with trackable international mail service (or other shipping method in special occasions, i.e. pandemic flight cut). Normally it takes around 1.5 months to ship by airmail, and 2-3 weeks to ship by Express service, depends on destination.

2. No combine shipping for different PO items! To avoid errors in posting, please do not purchase multiple different preorders at the same time. We understand that there will be a higher shipping rate for separate parcels, but we don't want to mistakenly sell your long-awaited pin as in hand extras during the wait. 


3. All pins will be packed with bubble wrapper.  Please contact us if extra packaging is needed (i.e. extra wrapping ) so that we can adjust your shipping charge. 


4. No exchange or refund will be provided if parcel is damaged during shipping. To have a better protection, please consider using Express + extra insurance for shipping option.

5. For shipping address change, please contact  Always follow our updates on instagram because shipping info can only be changed before posting. Buyers are responsible for the risk for missing parcel/ extra shipping fee due to wrong address.

6. If the package is returned to us because of incorrect shipping info, buyers will be responsible for the 2nd reship postage fee. 


Reselling/ trading

Buyers have freedom to do whatever they want to do for a pin they paid for. Just some rules to protect buyers and other collectors : 

1. Lockout : 60 days lockout for selling. Please do not sell my pins at the pre-sale stage, and only sell them at least 60 days (according to tracking record) after posting. This is to ensure the pins won't be sold everywhere way earlier than my shop drop. 

2. Reselling: I don't have much issue about resell price. I understand that it is not a good thing to see people selling pins for a high price, however, once you purchase a pin, it is yours. I cannot control the price people ask for a pin, no matter if it is cheaper/ more expensive than its original price. However, please do not buy multiple pins just for the purpose of flipping, especially for LE pins.

3. Trading: no rules for trading. Pin trading should be a hobby for everyone to enjoy. There is no rules about when/ how my pin should be traded. I also don't mind people buying a pin in the purchase of trading - just trade with worth-trusting collectors because I will not take care of any deals outside of my shop!

4. Exceptional case :
- P4P pins (please prefer to P4P policies)
- Early access/ group limited pins: please do not sell pins before mass production done, as the special offer should be limited to a selected group of people only. 


Tax and VAT

1. For countries which requires tax/ VAT,  buyers will be responsible for additional VAT on their own.

2. All parcels will be marked as "Goods" with actual product price on custom form. We do not list any item as "Gift" just to save tax for buyers because it breaks the law.

3. For all EU & UK customers, please anticipate an additional time for your package to be held in your customs facility (in addition to our shop's shipping & transit times) .



After-sale services


1. There will only be after-sales service for pins. No replacement/ refund will be provided for product package, postcards or gifts since they are freebies for pins.

2. We can only resend, refund or replace items in the following occasions:

(1) missing item;
(2) wrong item;
(3) wrong grade of item; or
(4) other mistakes (i.e. wrong shipping info caused by Mur Mur Pins)

3. For after-sales service, please take a picture of your parcel, and contact us within 10 days after receiving(based on tracking info). After 10 days we do not follow up any after-sales request.


4. Unfortunately, for shipping damage, as mentioned in the “shipping” session above, please buy insurance before posting, and contact your local post office to follow up.


5. Resend: only after receiving the original product, we will cover payment for replacement shipping (to send the replacement pins from our side) and resend/ replace the pin.


6. Replace: if a replacement pin is no longer available in stock, buyers can choose to :

(1)keep the current pin with a discount for the next sale; or

(2)receive a full refund of the pin.

7. Refund: there may be a slight price difference for refund because of the :

(1) currency exchange rate from HKD; and

(2) platform (Paypal/ Stripe) service charge (5.5%)

Hence, there will not be a 100% full refund as it should be original product price minus the two cost above. We cannot pay for money we didn't receive.


Thank you very much for

your trust and understanding!

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